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The Average US Salary By State: A Comparative Breakdown

Living and working in the US can differ greatly from one state to another. What might be a great salary in central US, might not pay your bills in the coastal regions of the country. We looked into the average salary that you can expect to earn in each state, and where you can expect to earn more based on your skills and expertise. 

black girl with blue t-shirt having a videoconference call with her colleagues from home.

The Top Four Best Jobs for Remote Workers 

So, are you considering, especially during the period of lockdown, moving into a more remote position? Well, if so, we thought we would take a look at the top types of jobs that you can consider that can be fully remote. 

I Have Just Been Fired From My Job: Now What?

What every employee has to realize, is that they do have rights when it comes to being terminated, and you are legally allowed to question or challenge the decision if you find that it was a wrongful termination.